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AppOnTheRun is excellent for the landscaping business, addressing the need to schedule frequent visits (weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly) and keep inventory on important industry-regulated materials.


Digital work orders


Eliminate messy paperwork with AppOnTheRun. Each technician will have a list of their work orders available on any Android device. This fixes the following common issues that arise in a typical day in the landscaping service industry:






Illegible handwritten notes: Is that an 'r' or an 'n'? A '2' or a '6'? Save the magnifying glass at home; with AppOnTheRun's digital notes for technicians, there is less chance for mistakes and no more wasting time trying to decipher your technicians' hieroglyphics. 












Billable Items: Save time going through paperwork, adding up how much inventory was used for billing and for reporting to local municipalities. Technicians can select how many bags of fertilizer they used. The quantity of any items selected will automatically appear on the call in the management portal, in invoices and on customers' receipts, so you and your customers consistently know what will be billed. 

Request Items: Did he say on the phone he was low on fertilizer or lime before the reception cut out? Technicians can select the 'Needed in a future visit' button under each billable item in the app, so you know what is needed in their truck without even having to look inside.







Instant schedule adjustments: A customer calls in late in the day to see if you can squeeze her in so her lawn will look perfect for a party that evening. You have a technician out in the field in that neighborhood and needs a work order. What do you usually do? Try to frantically call and relay the information before he leaves the neighborhood? Have him come back to pick up a paper work order, wasting gas and time? Let AppOnTheRun take the hassle out of last-minute schedule changes. Any schedule changes made in the management portal show up within seconds on the technician's app. Taking that same scenario, once that technician finishes at that neighbor's property, he opens ApppOnTheRun, sees the new call and heads over. The customer is ecstatic that her lawn is now cut and clean for the get-together. Quick, easy, and another satisfied customer, all through AppOnTheRun.






Required procedures: AppOnTheRun can place restrictions settings on your technicians. For example, make slope measurement readings a requirement so that you know that your technicians are following procedures for quotes or services. You can also set how many calls a technician can see at a time to avoid rushing or becoming overwhelmed if they see too many calls at once.







GPS Tracking: Provide integrity to your business






Alerts: You get a phone call from an upset customer, he says his lawn was not cut and it is starting to grow weeds. You see on the work order the technician puts some notes in that he said the grass was green and added weed defender, but the customer insists no one was there. Now that you look, it seems like all of the notes for every visit that day are the same. AppOnTheRun can provide rock-solid evidence through alerts and GPS tracking. Alerts can be set to make sure your technicians stay on track. Did that technician just put down the same nitrogen level at every yard? An alert can be sent to their device and your email that they are using the same reading too many times in a row. Did that technician really cut the grass, or said he did it so he could go home early? If a technician completes a call outside a set mile radius from that customer's location, an email alert is sent to you. Now you can make sure your customers are serviced and provide evidence of quality services.











Using the MapOnTheRun tracking application (premium version is included with AppOnTheRun) make sure your technicians are where you need them. View their progress in AppOnTheRun's management portal: use it to track productivity and make sure they are not deviating from the route. Your technicians say they only took an hour lunch, but AppOnTheRun with MapOnTheRun's GPS tracking tells you they were there for two hours.








Proposal generation and templates: Don't waste hours or days trying to develop a proposal. AppOnTheRun can save proposals as templates, so you can provide consistent pricing and allow for modifications for all of your major landscaping renovation jobs.







One-Click Invoicing: Imagine invoicing all of your customers in minutes. AppOntheRun can run invoices on all uninvoiced calls for all customers in one click: just click 'Run Invoices,' and let AppOnTheRun do the work. Since all of your service calls are entered through the ApponTheRun app and management portal, you never have to worry ever again about customers, billable items or jobs falling through the cracks; AppOnTheRun never forgets!